Remote encrypted connection (SSL VPN)

Service Overview

Due to privilege limitation and information security, some of the NCKU network resources and services, such as e-journals and campus licensed software, can only be accessed with the campus IP address. For NCKU academic and administrative staff and students to use such resources off the campus like they are on the campus, we have applied for the SSL VPN service to the Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN). (Note: Due to the limited connection resources, do not use VPN connection on the campus!)

Service Recipients

NCKU academic and administrative staff and active and suspended NCKU students with a the NCKU Portal account.
(Note: No VPN service will be provided for graduates and retired or discharged staff.)

Account Login

Please log into the VPN with the Cheng Kung Portal account.

Login URL

Login and default URL: https://ncku.twaren.net 


Installer Download

  • Pulse Secure Installer (Windows 64-bit) [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (MacOS) [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (Linux)  CentOS/RHEL platforms [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (Linux)  Ubuntu/Debian platforms [Download]