Student Dormitory Network

Service Overview

Each student is provided with one wired network port. Students should prepare their own "network cable" and connect it to the port (RJ45) in the room and their computers.

For laptops without a network port, please prepare an adapter (USB to RJ45) to connect to the network port in the room. Please set the IP and DNS configuration of computers to automatic configuration.

Additionally, Wi-Fi service is available in the common areas of dormitories for students to use.

Please email questions or report for repair to: dormnet@ncku.edu.tw.

Blocking List

If network behavior anomalies, such as external attacks and others, due to computer viruses are detected, the Ministry of Education will publish an information security report. The Computer and Network Center will temporarily lock down the problematic network. Students should fill in the "Information Security Incident Handling Report", install anti-virus software to run a full scan of all devices (e.g. PCs, tablets, and mobiles) using the same IP address, update the OS to the latest version, and send the "Information Security Incident Handling Report" to: dormnet@ncku.edu.tw to unlock the network.

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