Unit network management

Basis: Proceed in accordance with the NCKU Regulations for Campus Network Use

Campus Network Management

  1. The Computer and Network Center takes charge of network maintenance and management. The fiber optics linking all NCKU buildings and the server room at the Information Building at Cheng-Kung Campus allows all NCKU departments, institutes, units, administrative units, and research units to connect to the Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) for various network connections.
  2. Each department, institute, and unit shall maintain and management its intranet. This Center may provide the relevant technical support services.

Unit Network Speed

The speed of the fiber optics connected from this Center to the portal of each unit is over to 1Gbps or 10Gbps (depending on the traffic application of each unit). Speed may vary due to the intranet architecture and deployment of each unit. If there are questions, please consult the unit network administrator.

Network Troubleshooting

When there are questions relating to network use, please consult the unit network administrator first to facilitate quick diagnosis and troubleshooting of network problems. Users can also consult the responsible person for their unit over the school network or consult Mr. Wang of this Center at ext. 61037.

Replacement of ICT Products of PRC Brands

  1. According to Executive Yuan Document Tai-Jao-Zi-(4)-Zi No. 1100094536 forwarded by the Ministry of Education, agencies shall complete replacing ICT products made by PRC brands by December 31, 2021.
  2. Commonly used products made by PRC brands on the campus include Hikvision network cameras, TP-Link wireless APs, DJI drones, Dahua CCTV equipment, and others. Please visit the “Problems in Purchasing and Using Chinese Products” for details.


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