Campus Wireless Network

Service Overview

NCKU began to build the campus wireless local area network (WLAN) at the end of 2001. In earlier times, the Wi-Fi service was available only in public areas (e.g. libraries, international convention centers, Banyan Garden, Cheng Kung Lake, computer and network center). Due to the increasing demand for mobile network services in recent years, and devices including laptops, PDAs, and even mobiles being equipped with Wi-Fi function, NCKU opened the Wi-Fi service in 2004 for teachers and students to subscribe with their email account. We have also added access points (APs) to some departments and institutes and signed up to the national inter-school Wi-Fi roaming. Through the inter-school roaming mechanism, NCKU teachers and students enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi service at other schools and teachers and students enjoy the service at NCKU.

Service Recipients

  1. NCKU academic and administrative staff and students: 802.1x authentication is provided. Please select the SSIDs of the NCKU Wi-Fi: NCKU-Wi-Fi (2.4G), NCKU-Wi-Fi (5G) and log in with the NCKU Portal account (please see: User's Manual).

  2. NCKU alumni: Please refer to the notices and instructions at the Alumni Center for details.

  3. Non-NCKU teachers and students: If eduroam is available from your schools, select the SSID eduroam and log in with the account of your schools. Click here for the list of eduroam educational institutions.

  4. If it is necessary to provide temporary accounts for external guests from educational institutions not listed above attending an NCKU conference or event, please contact the responsible person of this Center for assistance five workdays in advance: Mr. Hsu at ext. 61020. (Application for Temporary Account)

  5. NCKU academic and administrative staff and students are located in NCKU hospital: Please select the SSIDs "NCKU-Wifi(H)" and log in log in with the NCKU Portal account (please see: User's Manual).

eduroam Service

  1. eduroam (education roaming) is a project that constructs an international Wi-Fi internet access roaming service for worldwide educational and research institutions. It aims to promote the sharing of wireless local area network (WLAN) service among worldwide educational and research institutions. Eduroam is available at NCKU from today. All active NCKU academic and administrative staff and students can log into and use the WLAN service at worldwide educational institutions with the eduroam service using their the NCKU Portal account.
  2. Account format: the NCKU Portal account@eduroam.ncku.edu.tw. The password will remain unchanged. eduroam User's Manual.
  3. List of overseas institutions with eduroam service.
  4. List of domestic institutions with eduroam service (TANet Taiwan Academic Roaming Center).

※Free Wi-Fi service for citizens promoted by the Executive Yuan (iTaiwan Wi-Fi):

  1. NCKU hot spot locations: 1st floor of the Library (Cheng-Kung Campus), auditorium at the international conference center (Kuang-Fu Campus), foyer of the NCKU Hospital (Li-Hsing Campus).
  2. Users must apply for an account with their mobiles to subscribe this service. Please refer to the iTaiwan instructions for details.