IP Address Application

Cautions for IP Application

  1. IP applications shall be applied for in the name of levels 1 and 2 units. Individual laboratories or teachers with IP needs should consult the network administrator of their units or the department office.
  2. When applying for the IP address, newly established units shall fill in the number of academic and administrative staff in the unit. One IP address will be assigned to one computer for each person in principle to fulfill the demand for each staff member. The number of IP addresses should be close to the number of computers or staff members. Do not apply for additional IP addresses.
  3. In response to the ongoing information security incidents, each unit shall assign a responsible person to record the data of IP users. The application unit shall take full responsibility for the IP use and management.
  4. In response to information security and reduction of physical IP addresses, virtual IP address will be assigned to IoT devices and devices that do not need internet connection, such as CCTV cameras, printers, access control devices, and others
  5. The Computer and Network Center will review the use IP addresses of each unit from time to time. If the average occupancy is below 50% of the existing IP addresses assigned for the unit, this Center reserves the right to re-assign IP addresses according to the actual need of that unit.
  6. If IP users are verified for violating the NCKU’s information security policy, breaking the law or school rules, or damaging the school reputation, their IP addresses will be suspended.