E-Access Control System

Service Overview

This Center adopts the E-Access Control System package with functions covering department, institute, and unit groups. The data of the NCKU academic and administrative staff and students have been entered in the system and will be updated periodically. The system supports multiple opening sessions and personnel access control (please refer to the access control manual for more functions). Units selecting the E-access control system of this Center as the access control management platform for their access control devices, this Center may authorize the access control administrator of each unit to run access control management according to their needs.

Service Recipients

Departments, institutes, and units that have installed access control devices.

Service Contact

Mr. Wang at ext. 61029

1.Please contact the building administrator for the access control of individual buildings.
2.Access control regulations (e.g. temporary keycard) shall be subject to the “NCKU Guidelines for Management of Digital Access Control” of the NCKU resident police.