Campus Licensed Software

Service Overview

In response to the urge for respecting intellectual property rights by the Ministry of Education in Letter Tai-(90)-Tian-Zi No. 90055200, this Center shall consult suppliers for the licensing and/or purchase (lease) of the regularly used software across the school for use in academic research and instruction on the campus.

Service Recipients

All NCKU academic and administrative staff and students.

Scope of Use

The applicability of each software licensing project may vary. Please refer to the instructions of the relevant software. (Licensing does not cover the staff and retirees of National Cheng Kung University Hospital and The Affiliated Senior Industrial Vocational Continuing Education High School of National Cheng Kung University and students completing the clearance procedures).

  • Note: 1. “NCKU Computer” refers to all the computers owned by NCKU (including classrooms, research offices, and offices).
  • Note: 2. “Non-NCKU Computer” refers to the computers owned by academic and administrative staff and students.

Availability of Software

  • All licensed software is available from the Licensed Software Download Center website. Website account and password control and IP restrictions (no SSL-VPN connection is required for non-NCKU computers) will be cancelled, please log in with the NCKU portal account and password.
  • After logging in to the Licensed Software Download Center website, the SSL-VPN will be disabled. When running software authentication (e.g. Office 2016, Matlab), non-NCKU computers still need to use SSL-VPN connection.
  • Please contact ext. 61021 for questions in relation to licensed software download.


Campus Licensed Software FAQ