Teaching & Learning Technology Division

Service Overview

Teaching & Learning Technology Division (TLTD) takes responsibility for planning, development and management of teaching and learning resources. Developing digital ID card applications for student and staff. In order to enhancing human capacity, TLTD provides basic and application of information training courses.


  • Developing applications for digital ID card.
  • Developing and managing E-learning system (Moodle)
  • Managing video conference system (Webex)
  • Developing and managing VOD system (MyTube)
  • Maintenance of Material website.
  • Maintenance of General Education website.
  • Planning and handling information training courses.

 Memebers (Extension: 61024)

Name Tasks

Mr. Lee

ext: 61035
Mr. Lee's email

  • Division leader
  • Execution, Coordination, and
  • Management in the division affairs

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang's email

  • Applications planning and consulting IC card
  • Developing and managing VOD system (MyTube)
  • Managing and maintaining Webex system
  • System hardware maintenance Moodle e-learning system
  • Assistance in Purchasing Licensed Software.

Ms. Chen

Mrs. Chen's email


  • Planning campus information courses.
  • Planning and holding courses of intellectual property rights and ODF related promotion .
  • Division webpage management.
  • Compiling and arranging reports of the division.
  • Purchasing Licensed Software.

Ms. Kuo

Mrs. Kuo's email

  • Developing and maintaining Moodle e-learning system
  • Developing and maintaining NCKU Material system
  • Developing and maintaining NCKU GE system
  • Training and writing manual guide for Moodle e-learning system
  • Developing and maintaining PC classroom management system.