Network & Information Security Division


The Network & Information Security Division is in charge of all network-related services including campus backbone network, dormitory network, network connections to TANet and TWAREN, and various servers and accounts management on campus e-mail systems.


  • TANet Tainan Network Regional Center maintenance and management
  • Campus backbone network maintenance and management
  • Management and maintenance of faculty and student dormitories
  • Various network account management
  • Management and maintenance of the center's control room
  • Management and maintenance of various network servers including WWW, Mail, Netflow, DNS, mybox servers.
  • Holding network related seminars
  • TWAREN(Taiwan Advanced Research & Education Network)


Name Tasks

Narn-Yih Lee Professor

ext: 61031
Professor Lee's email

  • Leader of the Network & Information Security Division
  • Coordination and supervision of this Division

Ming-Huang Chen Lecturer

Mr. Chen's mail

  • Implement the Key Infrastructure Information Security Talent and Technology Training Base Plan
  • Teach Key Infrastructure Information Security Courses and Center Courses

Ms. Wang

ext: 61019
Mrs. Wang's eamil

  • Web Servers
  • NCKU website construction
  • Computer and Network Center website construction
  • Web bulletin system management
  • Regulatory management system
  • Management committee of NCKU homepage
  • Service application system

Mr. Huang

ext: 61013
Mr. Huang's email

  • Campus Licensed Software Web Server
  • IPv4 Address Apply
  • IPv6 Address Apply
  • VMware Virtualization System
  • Network Storage System
  • mybox Personal Cloud Storage System

Mr. Huang

ext: 61037
Mr. Huang's email

  • VoIP(Voice Over Internet Phone) management of TainanRegionalCenter for TANet
  • Optical fiber network management for Department of NCKU
  • Network management of Administration (including Yun-Ping Administration Building, swimming pool)
  • Network management of Student Activity Center and International Conference Hall
  • Information security incident response of TainanRegionalCenter for TANet
  • Web Application Vulnerability System management of TainanRegionalCenter
  • Fiber Optic Cable deployment and maintenance of NCKU
  • Network management of Instrument Development Building
  • Management of Information Security Device
  • Management of Network traffic Device

Mr. Wang

ext: 61018
Mr. Wang's email

  • ISMS imported and maintenance
  • Server Manager
  • (Agent) E-mail system of NCKU
  • (Agent) PISA (Personal Information Service Account)

Mr. Chu

ext: 61008
Mr. Chu

  • Network involving Tainan Network Regional Center
  • Campus backbone network maintenance and management
  • DNS Server
  • (Agent) Wireless networks

Mr. Hsu

ext: 61020
Mr. Hsu's email

  • Personal Information Protection
  • Education Cloud service
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Virtual Desktop Infra-structure
  • AI Virtual Classroom service
  • Wireless networks

Mr. Fu

ext: 61016
Mr. Fu's email

  • Campus E-mail system for NCKU
  • Mail Servers of NCKU Alumni Association Center LDAP Server management and maintenance
  • Google Workspace Service
  • (Agent) Dormitory network management

Mr. Song

ext: 61012
Mr. Song's email

  • Networks of students'  and Staff dormitories
  • Fire Safety Manager
  • Personal Information Protection

Mr. Hung

Mr. Hung's mail

  • Technical Assistant for Cybersecurity Infrastructure Project
  • Analysis of Industrial Control System Network Security Attacks and Defenses
  • Maintenance of Cybersecurity Infrastructure Attack-Defense Platform

Mr. Chen

Mr. Chen's mail

  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure Project Hardware Equipment Maintenance.
  • Technical Assistant for Cybersecurity Infrastructure Project
  • Integration of Industrial Control Systems.

Ms. Tsou

Ms. Tsou's mail

  • Operation and Enrollment for CIIS Course Offerings
  • Budget Planning and Control for CIIS
  • Contact Point for CIIS
  • Other Administrative Operations Related to CIIS

Mr. Huang

Mr. Huang's mail

  • ISMS
  • Information security education training   
  • On-site audit by the Ministry of Education

Mr. Chen

Mr. Chen's mail

  • Privileged Access Management
  • Public Tender for ISMS inspection
  • The Notification and Response of Cyber Security Incident
  • Cyber Offensive & Defensive Exercise 
  • Taiwan Academic Network for Cyber Security Technology Audit
  • (Agent) Cyber Security Evaluation
  • (Agent) Vulnerability Assessment

Mr. Tsai

Mr. Tsai's mail

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Antivirus Software
  • Promote Campus Information Security
  • Dengue fever Regional Tasks
  • (Agent) GCB/VANS
  • (Agent) Promotion of Personal Information Protection

Mr. Lin

Mr. Lin's mail

  • Cyber Security Evaluation
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Ms. Yeh

Ms. Yeh's mail

  • Government Configuration Baseline Management
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Notice System Management