Administration & Inquiry Division


The Administration & Inquiry Division is responsible for the computer classroom, the campus software authorization, and handle with all kinds of document, funds, etc.

According to the ISO 9001 quality management to manage the document to reach the goal of quality control, development steadily, best service, and outstanding.


  • Services for various kinds of documents and consultation
  • Management and maintenance of document computer system.
  • Executing policies and coordinating affairs of each division.
  • Listing and executing center budget.
  • Expense management for various entrusted cases, projects or network usage.
  • Computer usage and execution management.
  • In charge of the related-network seminars, lecturers, and registration of extension education training .
  • Offering the faculty and students PC assistance and providing internship programs of PC classroom management and maintenance.
  • Other administration support.

Members (Extension: 61000)

Name Tasks

Mr. Chen

ext: 61017

  • Leader of Administration & Inquiry Division.
  • Planning, supervising and executing all affairs in the division and integrated management of the division.

Ms. Lee

ext: 61043
Mrs. Lee's email

  • Director’s secretary.
  • Expenses control and management.
  • Funding proposal.
  • Towards elite university program contact person.
  • Collecting charges of network of faculty and staff dormitory  (Ching-Yeh, single, building of Medicine & Nursing)
  • Cloud leasing contact person (payment counting).
  • Co-providing e-purchasing order contract.
  • Controling green procurement  affaris.
  • Other temporary and assigned tasks by the director.


ext: 61022
Mrs. Lu's email

  • Executing policies and coordination of affairs works.
  • Collection and maintenance of official document.
  • In charge of faculty and students (unofficial NCKU units) email account system application and consultation..
  • Management of center’s PC rooms.
  • Order management of the square space at ground floor.
  • Management of multifunctional conference room.
  • Courses related affairs.
  • Collecting and organizing monthly working report and center’s regulations/official document.
  • Arrangement of Computer and Internet committee meetings.
  • Assisting personnel affairs and recruiting.
  • Other temporary assigned tasks.

Mr. Lee

ext: 61011

  • Power, air conditioning and environmental control of machine room
  • Access control management and environmental monitoring of information building 

Mr. Hsu

ext: 61021
Mr. Hsu's email

  • Services of PC classrooms.
  • Campus authorized software consultation and assistance.
  • Campus authorized software leading.