SSL VPN Services


Due to authorization restrictions, information security considerations and other factors, the school provides some of the network resources and service restrictions to use the school IP address can be used, such as e-journals, campus licensing software.

In order to make the faculty and staff students on campus, as in the campus using these network resources and services, the center to the Taiwan high-quality academic research network (TWAREN) to apply for SSL VPN services.

(PS: Due to limited connection resources, please do not use VPN connection in the school!)


Please use Cheng-Kung Portal account to login.
(Note: Graduates or retired employees no longer provide VPN services.)



Installer Download

  • Pulse Secure Installer (Windows 64-bit) [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (Windows 32-bit) [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (MacOS) [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (Linux)  CentOS/RHEL platforms [Download]
  • Pulse Secure Installer (Linux)  Ubuntu/Debian platforms [Download]