Computer Education Service


The Center has full-time lecturers. In addition to the formal education courses, there is "NCKU information talent " to guide new students into the E-environment. Information education training courses or related activities will be held for all faculty and students every semester, providing information applications and forward-looking technology concepts..The content includes free software introduction, information security, big data analysis, operation of the authorized software. The center provides system applications, program entry, digital content-related production software, intellectual property rights, forward-looking science and technology concept courses ... and so on.


 Service target

  • Regular classes: All students.
  • Free computer ability training: All faculty, student, and staff.


 Class schedule

  • Regular classes: With school class schedule.
  • Information education promotion course: According to the school administrative needs , will be announced on

For service please call 61024 or 61029 , Ms. Chen