Campus Wireless Network


The campus wireless local area network (WLAN) was started in the end of 2001 and in the early days its service was only restricted within some parts of the public areas like the Library, the International Conferencing Center, Banyan Tree Garden, Cheng-Kung Lake, and the Computer and Network Center. In 2004, the university started to use the email accounts to perform wireless network authorization and join national wide interscholastic wireless network roaming program proposed by NCHC. Via this interscholastic roaming mechanism, all faculty and students are able to enjoy the convenience of the wireless network while traveling across the different campuses and universities.

The locations of the base stations

  • The Main Library and the MedicalBuilding.
  • North of Banyan Tree Garden (near the Urban Planning Department) and North of Cheng-Kung Lake (near the Shiou-ChiBuilding).
  • South of the Yu-Ping Building West-Block (near the NewsCenter).
  • StudentActivityCenter, first floor (near the faculty association room).
  • InternationalConferencingCenter and Lecture Room #1, #2, #3.
  • Computer and NetworkCenter on 1stF, 4thF, 5thF.
  • Some departments: Engineering Science Department, Industrial Management Science Department, Medicine College(atrium), Social Sciences College(2ndF-7thF), Environmental Engineering Department(Front Building), Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering Department, Aeronautics and Astronautics Department, Mathematics Department, Foreign Language and Literature Department, Transportation and Communication Management Science Department.

User authorization

  • Faculty and students of the university: please use the center-verified email account to perform the authentication.
  • The roamers of other schools: please use your own school-verified account authentication.
    The list of roaming schools and their instructions:
  • Others without the above accounts: allowed to browse NCKU homepage only.

Detailed instructions

Please refer to the wireless network webpage: