Personal Information Services Account (This application has been stopped since October 2018)


The University's PISA (Personal Information Service Account) can be used to access four different services: email receiving/sending, homepage production (myweb server),  campus wireless networking and SSL-VPN.

The current email service offers a large disk space as well as a web-based mail reading system (webmail). To cope with the deteriorating problem of spam mails, the center has brought in spam mail filtering mechanism, in order to block the advertisement emails, reduce the network bandwidth in use, and thus provide a fast and efficient communication channel. In addition, the center also assists each office in distributing important notifications via emails to speedup the campus information exchange.

All e-mail accounts(PISA) will be deleted within half a year after the user leave the university.

Account space

  • E-mail: 10GB for faculty and staff; 3GB for students.
  • Personal homepage: 500MB.

Service targets

Faculty and staff (apply for PISA account before September 30, 2018)

All students.

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