DNS Registration & Application


Domain Name System (DNS) serves the mapping of domain names and IP addresses. Take an example, www.ncku.edu.tw is mapped to Querying from a domain name to its IP address are in general named DNS Forward Resolution; Querying from an IP address to its domain names are in general named DNS Reverse Resolution.

Being a member of Taiwan Academic Network (TANet), NCKU is responsible for DNS forward resolution of all servers under the university's domain name ncku.edu.tw and DNS reverse resolution of all IP addresses NCKU also provides the reverse resolution authorization & registration services of IP addresses for all TANet Tainan Regional Network connected schools.

Campus DNS servers

IP address: and

Service targets

  • General users:

Most personal computers do not need to register a domain name, so general users only need to add the DNS server IP addresses in their Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) configuration for network connections.

For example, the common used DNS server can be

Other DNS server can be (or HiNet

  • Managers of Sub-domain names:

An offices or department may have a sub-domain under ncku.edu.tw/(left). For example, Electrical Engineering Department (ee for abbreviation) uses ee.ncku.edu.tw. An office or department using a sub-domain name can set up their own DNS server to serve their servers under this sub-domain for the resolution. They can choose not to set up their own DNS server but to entrust the center's DNS server to perform the resolution.

Application for Sub-domain names or IP addresses

In principle, the sub-domain names under ncku.edu.tw/(left) only accept the applications from the first and second class offices, but a server served for campus activities or a case or project across colleges or departments can also apply if necessary. Departmental research room, laboratories, research projects or personal domain name can only register under the department sub-domain name in principle, and should apply to its own department. (For sub-domains that entrust the center, the network manager should apply to the center.)