The personal web service(myweb) will be terminated on August 1, 2021.


  1. The myweb service host is old and will no longer be maintained continuously. Before terminating the service, please backup your data first or use the G Suite Sites to build your personal webpage.
    (myweb service URL: ) 
  2. G Suite service has been launched on October 1, 2018. Its features include Sites for webpage creation, which can be used to build webpages in a simple and convenient way. The webpage is generated as RWD webpage, which is convenient for browsing by different devices.
  3. Please refer to: for instructions on applying the G Suite service.
  4. For G Suite site instructions, please refer to:
  5. The myweb account is the PISA account. Staffs can't apply for a PISA account since October 1, 2018, and Students don't have PISA accounts from August 2020.

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