[Important] NCKU Google Workspace Storage Downgrade Policy

  1. 'G Suite for Education' has been renamed 'Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals'.
  2. In accordance with the Google’s latest storage policy published on February 17, 2021, the unlimited space will be changed to each university providing only 100 TB of pooled storage shared across all of the users from July 2022.
  3. In accordance with the information published by Google, users of Workspace account are requested to reduce the used space to below 100G by the end of January, 2022 (View account used space).
  4. The account will be suspended if the used space is not reduced in accordance with 3rd point overdue; if there is no application for account restoration within 2 months after the suspension, the suspended account will be deleted and all data will not be able to be restored.
    *If the user is unable to reduce the used space to below 100G within the timeline, please reply a mail (mailto:mailservice@ncku.edu.tw) and state the reason to apply for the extension of the suspension.
  5. In the future, a new storage downgrade policy will be implemented in accordance with Google's storage policy. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  6. If the faculty and students have large storage requirement, non-official data can consider using Microsoft OneDrive instead.

 Reference link:

  1.  Google Blog
  2.  Google Workspace for Education storage policy changes
  3.  View account used space

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