G Suite will implement a new storage policy in July 2022, and all G Suite accounts in school will be affected.

  1. 'G Suite for Education' has been renamed 'Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals'.
  2. In accordance with the latest storage policy announced by Google on February 17, 2021, the unlimited space will be changed to each university providing only 100 TB of pooled cloud storage space shared across all of the users from July 2022.
  3. Regarding the implementation of this policy, Google has not yet provided a complete description of the follow-up program. If there is any further news, the Network & Computer Center will notify after drafting a corresponding plan.
  4. If the account user currently has more than 4TB of "Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail Storage", please consider planning the follow-up data backup and migration in advance.

Reference link:

  1. Google Blog
  2. Google Workspace for Education storage policy changes
  3. View account used space


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