What is a scam (phishing) email? What should I do if I receive a scam (phishing) email?


After receiving scam (phishing) mail, do not reply or click on the links in the mail!!

While NCKU has many academic and administrative staff and students and adopts an open control policy for academics, information security management at NCKU is not as stringent as that of private businesses, leaving much room for external cyberattacks.

If you receive mail messages from “uncommon senders,” with “suspicious subject,” or contain contents similar to the following, they are all scam (phishing) mail. Please stay alert and do not be fooled. Do not reply with any personal account or password data or click on the links contained in the mail to prevent breaches of personal account or password data or implantation of Trojan and backdoor programs.

If you unintentionally click on the links or reply any personal account or password data, please change the email password and contact the email administrator of the Computer and Network Center (ext. 61016) as quickly as possible.

Examples of phishing email

  • Example 1

mail.ncku.edu.tw Dear Account Owner,

This message is mail.ncku.edu.tw message center at all mail.ncku.edu.tw owners.we email account are improving our web / base data carry out maintenance of all our email accounts in order to reduce rate of spam mails. We are deleting all unused mail.ncku.edu.tw the e-mail account, and create more space for new accounts. To avoid closure of your account have to update it later to know that is a gift account used.


* Full Email Address:
* E-mail Username:
* EMAIL * Password:
* Date of Birth:
* Country or Territory:

Warning! Account owner that refuses to update his account with a term Seven days of receiving this warning will lose permanently.Thank your account to use mail.ncku.edu.tw Webmail!

Code Alert: VX2G99AAJ
Thank you,
mail.ncku.edu.tw team


  • Example 2

Subject: 成大帳戶更新
 您 重新對其進行驗證。
 NCKU, National Cheng Kung University
 2014 NCKU Taiwan Online WebMail System


  • Example 3

Subject: MyNCKU!服務台 
這是一個自動的消息通知您,我們發現了一個有效的密碼到您的成大登錄嘗試!上週六,2013年9月28日18:33 CEST帳戶無法識別的設備。