Virtual Hosting Service

NCKU Cloud Computing Service provides users for various need to get resources of computing, network, and storing. Currently, the center offers Virtual Machine Service and Cloud Storing Service.

User suited for NCKU Cloud

  • The short-time plan or project of servers purchasing
  • The one who uses high-speed computing and huge storing space
  • The one who is using Hosting server
  • The network service of changeable load system which needs flexible adjustment
  • The department owing numerous servers but lack of manpower
  • The department unable to build cloud virtualization

Advantage of NCKU Virtual Hosting Service

  • Reducing cost: Saving the costs of machine room, software, hardware, and manpower.
  • High-speed computing: Using Cisco UCS Blade server to offer the strong computing resource and Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch to provide cloud computing system with 10 Gbps as super high-speed network bandwidth.
  • Huge storing space: Using NetApp network storing system to provide auto backup and system restore, building a safe storing space.
  • ISP-level specialized machine room: Door security management, UPS, Specialized environment control system, and Air-conditioner and fire control equipment

vSphere Client User

Contact person

  • Mr. Huang (extension: 61013)


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