Notice of Student Dormitory Internet Registration and Certification (Spring semester of the 2018 academic year)

In order to maintain good quality of service and fair usage policy of the student dormitory network, the Computer and Network Center will enforce, during the winter recess starting from 2018/01/29, the same mechanism of access and traffic control as semester time. Resident students or guests must register to the Dormitory Network Management System before using network services. This registration needs to be done only once during the period of residence and the dormitory network service is fully accessible only after user’s registration is completed successfully.
Resident students or guests should note the following and, after the registration is open, complete the registration procedure using their own computers connecting to their allocated network sockets.
Registration open time: 2018/03/22 AM10:00
URL of registration:
  1. Please comply with the following regulations:
  2. After the registration open time, user can only access the url: before his/her registration is successfully completed. The dormitory network service is fully accessible only after user’s successful registration.
  3. When making registration, user should use his/her own computer and make sure the following:
    • the computer is connected to the network socket that is allocated to the user;
      (Caution! Do not connect to the phone data network or other Wi-Fi network.)
    • the IP & DNS settings are set to automatically assigned (acquired);
    • no proxy and no VPN services are set;
    • using a browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Edge, FireFox) to open the URL of registration.
  4. Upon successfully completing the registration, user’s computer and the network socket used are bound to user’s registration ID so there is no need to register again unless the user is using either a different computer or a different network socket to access dormitory network service.
  5. The Dormitory Network Management System will implement the 8GB-per-24-hours (upload+download) traffic control policy. Those who exceed the 8GB limit can continue using the network services but the speed of network connection will be much lower.
  6. Using Wi-Fi router is not prohibited. However, the Computer and Network Center assumes no responsibility for any consequence of using Wi-Fi router or the configuration setting of Wi-Fi router.
For more information or queries, please contact the Computer and Network Center:
Click Num: