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Academic Affair Systems


The General Affair Office is divided into six divisions by their business nature. They are Document Division, Affairs group, Purchasing Division, Property Management Division, Cashier's Division, and Construction and Maintenance Division. Each division manages related general administrative affairs. The group of general affair information serves for the e-operation system design to simplify the procedures, improve the work efficiency, and save the labor power.

Currently the finished systems include:

  • Document Division: public document, and mail & package management systems.
  • Affairs Division: worker leaving management system.
  • Purchasing Division: purchase operation system.
  • Property Management Division: property safekeeping system.
  • Cashier's Division: receipt, payment management, collection operation, school fee, consolidated income tax receipt systems.
  • Construction and Maintenance Division: phone & cable management, water & electricity, building & phone repair & labor management systems.
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