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Notice of student dormitory internet authentication and traffic management during 2017 academic year

To maintain the quality of the student dormitory network, The Computer Center will perform identity and data flow control at the following times, Please began to authentication when the authentication time begin. And please notice the following details avoid affecting the use of dormitory network benefits.
Authentication time: 2017/9/20, AM10:00


Authentication URL:
  1. Please follow the rules:
  2. When the authenticaton time begin.only the url: can be access,After the registration is complete,the network will be work.
  3. Please be sure to use your own network socket and your own computer to register.After the register,the system will bind:StudentID,Computer,network socket.
  4. Please connect the computer to the room network socket.And open the browser to enter the above authentication URL.Click the "Register" page to register.
  5. .After register, Will be implemented every 24 hours using traffic 8GB (upload&download).Those who exceed the flow rate will be subject to speed control.
  6. Dormitory area is not allowed to use WiFi Router,The Computer and Network Center is not responsible for the setting.
The above description, If there are changes and new matters,The Computer and Network Center will be announced immediately.If have any questions, Please contact The Computer and Network Center. Thank you for your cooperation.


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